12/14/23 10:37 AM | Revenue Management The Power of Leading Indicators in Multifamily Real Estate

Navigating the multifaceted realm of multifamily real estate has traditionally relied on occupancy as a compass—a lagging indicator that reveals the current state with limited foresight. However, a recent webinar sparked a paradigm shift, highlighting the predictive strength of leading indicators, particularly focusing on availability.


“Contemporary pricing revenue management solutions should focus on leading indicators on availability, not necessarily occupancy."
- Donald Davidoff


While occupancy directs today's cash flow and influences profit and loss, the real narrative unfolds in availability—a forward-looking indicator illuminating the path ahead. Visualizing this transition becomes paramount for industry leaders seeking a nuanced comprehension of market dynamics. 

At the core of the dialogue was the full-week availability number, validated by research as a linchpin for predicting future occupancy trends. A visual representation could seamlessly enhance understanding, illustrating the profound correlation between availability and subsequent occupancy. 

Interpreting availability requires a contextual lens, transcending the binary of high or low availability. It's about discerning implications—are we leasing effectively? Are external factors at play? Visualizing these nuances adds depth to the analysis, fostering well-informed decision-making. 

The journey to optimal occupancy commences with a strategic shift—from lagging to leading indicators. By assimilating the insights from this webinar, industry leaders can adeptly navigate complexities, harnessing the predictive power of availability for sustained success in multifamily real estate.