Meet Our Mascot


Data the Dog


Hi, I’m Data, a cocker spaniel trained to sniff things out before they happen!

I recently traded in my ducks for dashboards and am helping rental housing companies make smarter decisions, faster.

I believe all data leads to insights, lessons are best taught via stories & curiosity never killed the cat.

So, let’s get curious together and find out what story your data is telling!


"Good questions outrank easy answers."
Paul Samuelson


Fetch, barking, feet warming, grooming, telling stories, laughing at my own jokes & Duck, Duck, Goose

Dog House

Happy to curl up at my owner's feet at
Team REBA's virtual offices

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data boat

Why the Cocker Spaniel?

The REBA team chose Data the Dog to bring often abstract data concepts to life.

Spaniels were first used as hunting dogs to sniff out ducks. The "holy grail" of business intelligence is predictive analytics which processes the data to come up with predictions of what might happen in the future. If executed well, predictive analytics offer you the gift of time. Time to preemptively impact the future before it is here.

Cockers are named after the Woodcock, a game bird they are efficient at flushing out and retrieving. They are also known for their obsessive barking. Centralizing all of your data into a single source of truth & setting alert thresholds allows you to dig into any area of your business and prioritize your efforts to drive the most impact. 

Spaniels are in need of frequent grooming to keep them sharp, effective, healthy, and looking good. Whether through charts, graphs, infographics, maps, scatterplots, histograms, and more, visualization allows information and data to be represented in a more pictorial way; one that often makes data more easily accessible and consumed.

Cocker Spaniels are the smallest sporting breed yet are very popular. They make great companions due to their easy-going, lively, intelligent & adaptable personalities. Our small team is made up of rental housing industry veterans who pack a punch when it comes to data analytics and budgeting expertise.

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