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the finance opportunity Trusting The Data

Accessing accurate data is key to your success.

In the multifamily industry, the ability to trust and access data at a granular level, from individual units to daily transactions, is essential. This capability enables financial leaders to spot trends, easily reforecast cashflow outlooks, and gain deeper insights into collections, delinquency and many others. Access to this data also supports personalized analysis, allowing for more tailored reporting by fund to attract new investors.

the finance value Connect All Your Data

Flexibility at your fingertips.

Build Trust In The Data

Build operator trust in your data, reporting & recommendations. Access normalized data across your tech stack in an SSOT.

Spot Trends Early & Often

Conduct specific trend analyses to gain deeper insight into collections, pricing, delinquency, etc.

Forecasting Ease

Easily reforecast for cashlow outlooks or review forecast to evaluate performance against budget.

Model Data At Granular Levels

Slice & dice the data however you need all the way down to the floorplan level to dig into true performance analysis.

Super-User Data Access 

You have direct super-user access to the full data model to conduct your own analyses.

Flexible Reporting

Flexible reporting gives you the freedom to send out reporting by fund to impact new investors.

REBA CLIENTS KNOW Variance Analyses Should
Be Instant

Jeff England, Regional Director

"With regards to the expense budgeting, REBA allowed for the fastest and most efficient budget season that I’ve seen in my multifamily career.  Ease of data entry, along with reports that update instantly for annual comparison and budget spread, makes REBA a step above any other multifamily budgeting software that I’ve used in the last 10 years."


REBA CAN HELP Solutions for Finance

Built for multifamily by multifamily

We offer a suite of business intelligence, budgeting and pricing & revenue management solutions to help financial leaders capitalize on their data.

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Smarter Decisions, Faster

Simplifying data aggregation through a business intelligence platform that acts as a single source of truth for data across your tech stack.

  • Single source of truth
  • Tech-agnostic
  • Actionable insights
  • Custom reporting
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Get Out of "Excel Hell"

Change the narrative with a budgeting & forecasting application that does the heavy lifting so your team can collaborate.

  • Easy rents and expenses
  • Unit-level granularity
  • Structured database
  • Reforecasting
REBA_Web Graphic Icons_102023_R1_10_Rent_Transparent Pricing

Optimize Pricing Strategies

25 years of pricing & revenue management lessons rolled into a new platform purpose-built to support the intricate demands of multifamily.

  • Alert-driven workflows
  • Transparent pricing
  • Amenity optimization
  • Built for special cases

"Over and over, I am hearing that this is the easiest way to budget expenses from coworkers who have been budgeting for many years and for a variety of companies. This says a lot!"

Sally Matheu
SVP of Operations

"Now I can create actuals and put in forward projections – I can really forecast where I need to be with REBA so I can how many move-ins I need to generate and incremental leads while viewing my historicals to see if it’s actually achievable."

Jennifer Staciokas

"We’ve always had the data but have never had a way to analyze the data or make meaningful change and have our team understand closer to real-time what’s happening. Now we have that with REBA. "

Jared Miller

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Data that meets your where you need it.

Our team of multifamily experts takes great pride in offering resources to the industry to help unlock the power of data insights, leverage budgets as a year-round tool and modernize  your pricing strategies.

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