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Smarter Decisions, Faster

Simplifying data aggregation through a business intelligence platform.

Multifamily Data Insights

REBA BI acts as a single source of truth for data across your tech stack

REBA_Web Graphic Icons_102023_R1_5_BI_Single Source Truth

Simplify Your Data Aggregation

Deep dive into REBA BI, a business intelligence platform built for the multifamily industry.

Comparing Multifamily BI Solutions

We know you have options, we're here to help

Off-The-Shelf (It's us!) REBA In-House*

True "single source of truth"

Full flexibility in dashboard building Limited
Super user access for ad hoc queries Limited
Data stored at lowest level of granularity Often Pre-Aggregated
No data extensibility constraints Limited
Costs of DIY BI $ $$ $$$$
Time to implementation 60-90 Days 60-90 Days 2-3 Years

*The allure of building a customized BI platform in-house lies in the potential for bespoke solutions that precisely align with an organization's unique needs, workflows and KPIs. However, the decision to build in-house comes with its own set of challenges and costs, some very obvious and some hidden.

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REBA KNOWS Data Should Flow Like Water

You're in control of your data.

We’ve removed the constraints on what data is available and how you can analyze it so that you can put all your data to work. We free up your time for in-depth analysis of historical data and trend identification, allowing your teams to focus on what truly matters, and work on the business rather than in it.


REBA Unlocks Data Silos

Mike Brewer, COO, The RADCO Companies

"I see REBA as a way of unlocking data that has been sitting in silos for a very long amount of time. I believe that it will enhance our business operations from an expense standpoint but also from a rev. drive standpoint. It’ll be a game-changer for us."

What Good Multifamily BI Looks Like

Learn the key elements of a great BI solution & best practices when building or buying a platform.

Empowering Quick Data-Driven Decisions

All units are not created equal. Using REBA BI with a Unit Map gives operators insights not visible on a spreadsheet.

Data-Driven Questions to Ask in Multifamily

Asking insightful questions about your business helps unlock aha moments & drive better decisions.

Ready to enhance your team's decision-making?

Treat your data as a long-term asset & start making smarter, faster decisions with REBA BI.