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the operator opportunity Drive Collective Performance

Democratize the data & connect your teams.

In multifamily, data provides vital insights into areas that need the most attention like occupancy rates, maintenance trends, resident satisfaction, and financial performance. Without these tools, operational leaders miss opportunities to align their teams around core KPIs, connect them to real-time data and drive collective performance toward greater NOI.

the operator value Connect Teams to Real-Time Data

Drive performance by focusing attention where it's most needed.

Align Teams & Solutions to Organizational KPIs

Drive your organization's success by aligning your data & your teams around critical success factors that are unique to your business.

Gain Visibility Into Trends & Act Early

Pinpoint areas of inefficiency, model operational success stories & get insights into high return investment opportunities.

Empower With Data

Remove the constraints around data access. Make it easy for your teams to see what really matters & understand what they need to do next.

Correlate Data For Better Answers

Correlate data from various departments to get accurate answers about what's really happening & how to address it.

Quick Ad-Hoc Reporting

Get ahead of ownership questions through quick ad-hoc reporting.

Drive Behavior & Performance

Adapt your employee KPI report content to drive the wanted and expected operational behaviors that will impact business performance.

REBA CLIENTS KNOW Data Makes Teams Efficient 

Martin Caliz, National Director, Maintenance & Engineering, Brookfield Properties

I don’t have to go to different platforms & print out different reports. Everything is built into one and makes my job more efficient. I can spend more time with my properties & partners. Delivering a performance snapshot to on-site teams who are on the front lines & bogged down with day-to-day emergencies, frees up their time.

REBA CAN HELP Solutions for Operators

Built for multifamily by multifamily

We offer a suite of business intelligence, budgeting and pricing & revenue management solutions to help operators capitalize on their data.

REBA_Web Graphic Icons_102023_R1_7_BI_Actionable Insights

Smarter Decisions, Faster

Simplifying data aggregation through a business intelligence platform that acts as a single source of truth for data across your tech stack.

  • Single source of truth
  • Tech-agnostic
  • Actionable insights
  • Custom reporting
REBA_Web Graphic Icons_102023_R1_1_Budget_Easy Rent & Expenses_1

Get Out of "Excel Hell"

Change the narrative with a budgeting & forecasting application that does the heavy lifting so your team can collaborate.

  • Easy rents and expenses
  • Unit-level granularity
  • Structured database
  • Reforecasting
REBA_Web Graphic Icons_102023_R1_10_Rent_Transparent Pricing

Optimize Pricing Strategies

25 years of pricing & revenue management lessons rolled into a new platform purpose-built to support the intricate demands of multifamily.

  • Alert-driven workflows
  • Transparent pricing
  • Amenity optimization
  • Built for special cases

"Consolidation of data and creating process improvement for our teams was difficult given we use multiple PMSs. We wanted them to stop spending 80% of their time collating data but rather analyzing it ."

Kaden Czerniawski
Managing Director, Operations

"On a Monday morning, REBA dashboards show me at a 30,000 ft. level where we have areas of concern and I can delegate that out to a specific Regional to drill down and figure out what’s going on."

Matt Diehl
SVP, Maintenance & Engineering

"Some of the insights that we’re now gathering through REBA have been around point-in-time data. Before we were just running reports and had data for that one day. Now looking at maintenance request data, collections data, etc. it allows us to see if we’re hitting our goals over time."

Victor Morales
Sr. Business Manager

Multifamily Resources Operations Resources

Build an analytically-driven culture.

Our team of multifamily experts takes great pride in offering resources to the industry to help unlock the power of data insights, leverage budgets as a year-round tool and modernize  your pricing strategies.

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