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Stop wasting time collating data and get back to analyzing

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the analyst opportunity Harness Your Data 

Flip the 80/20 script and get back to analysis.

Most real estate data analysts pursued their field because of a passion for ad-hoc analysis, custom report and dashboard creation, and enhancing business processes and decision-making via the data. Yet most are spending 80% of their time collating and preparing data only for it to become obsolete the next day. It's time to flip the script and give you unbridled access to all your data so you can get back to analysis.

the analyst valueGet Back to Analyzing

Stop wasting your time while being a reporting bottleneck.

Develop A Single-Source-Of-Truth

Stop grappling with data scattered across disparate systems. Harness your data's full potential in an SSOT.

Get Granular In Your Analyses

Remove the technical limitations and access on performing analyses. Slice & dice the multifamily real estate data however you want.

Establish Data Definitions

Establish consistent data definitions to speak about a metric in the same way and align teams across the organization.

Sunset Manual Reporting

Empower teams with dashboards and the exact same data model so they can create accurate reporting themselves.

Be Data Stewards

Be stewards of the data and move your organization toward an analytically-driven culture, instead of just maintaining the pipes.

Get Back To Analyzing

Stop wasting your skillset and time collecting, collating & scrubbing data. Get back to what you do best.

REBA CLIENTS KNOW Better Data Leads To Better Questions 

Daniel Raphael, VP, Data Science, Brookfield Properties

My team has replaced process time reporting for departments with supporting them as coaches, teaching them how to take their analysis to the next level. Smarter questions are coming in. Departments have more time to be curious.

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REBA CAN HELP Solutions for Analysts

Built for multifamily by multifamily

We offer a suite of business intelligence, budgeting and pricing & revenue management solutions to help analysts capitalize on their multifamily real estate data.

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Smarter Decisions, Faster

Simplifying real estate data aggregation through a business intelligence platform that acts as a single source of truth for data across your tech stack.

  • Single source of truth
  • Tech-agnostic
  • Actionable insights
  • Custom reporting
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Get Out of "Excel Hell"

Change the narrative with a budgeting & forecasting application that does the heavy lifting so your team can collaborate.

  • Easy rents and expenses
  • Unit-level granularity
  • Structured database
  • Reforecasting
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Optimize Pricing Strategies

25 years of pricing & revenue management lessons rolled into a new platform purpose-built to support the intricate demands of multifamily.

  • Alert-driven workflows
  • Transparent pricing
  • Amenity optimization
  • Built for special cases

"REBA BI allows our stakeholders to dive into our data. We have a single source of truth pulling together streams of data from disparate systems. Regardless of department,  
we all tap into the same data."

Annie Laurie McCulloh
Executive Vice President

"REBA BI has made analyzing data easy for our analysts. Within days of deployment, our teams were producing ad-hoc analyses in minutes. Previously, these would take days to assemble."

Daniel Raphael
VP, Data Science

"REBA is helping our business reach the next level. REBA’s team consists of multifamily subject matter experts as well as data gurus. We receive great customer support, powerful products, and a committed team that focuses on evolving and innovating the product suite to meet our needs."

Matt Smith
Managing Director, Portfolio Management

Multifamily Resources Analyst Resources

Build an analytically-driven culture.

Our team of multifamily experts takes great pride in offering resources to the industry to help unlock the power of data insights, leverage budgets as a year-round tool and modernize  your pricing strategies.

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