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the marketing opportunity Proving Marketing Impact

Marketing return is demonstrated in the data.

One of the best ways for marketing to impact and influence operations is to bring data to the table and show someone something they didn't know within the portfolio. Better data allows marketers to work on the business not in the business, correlating marketing data with operational data to conduct "what if" analyses to prove a point of view.

the marketing value Work On The Business Not In The Business

Reveal the true operational impact of your work.

One Central Data Hub Across Tech Stack

Correlate marketing data points with operational data points to show the impact marketing strategy has on KPIs.

Ask The Right Questions

Avoid kneejerk reactions that lack strategy. Graduate from asking easy and expected questions about your portfolio to asking strategic, data-driven ones.

Put All Your Data to Work for You

Remove the constraints on what data is available and how you can analyze it so that you can put all your data to work.

Focus Efforts Where Needed 

Use alert thresholds to identify your "focus communities" & see a higher return on your time (or money) investment.

Conduct "What If" Analyses

Drill down into your leasing funnel to identify how many leads you need to achieve desired occupancy or conversion opportunities.

Evaluate Marketing Spend

Dive into granular property spend such as cost per channel, cost per lead/lease, etc. or roll that up across your portfolio to see the effectiveness.

REBA CLIENTS KNOW Data Improves Collaboration 

Melanie Flaherty, Sr. VP, Marketing, Carmel Partners

One thing I like about REBA is how it helps the team look at consistent information. REBA makes it quick and easy to identify problems and market differently. Data can tell a great story and make it easier to partner with Operations to improve performance.

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REBA CAN HELP Solutions for Marketers

Built for multifamily by multifamily

We offer a suite of business intelligence, budgeting and pricing & revenue management solutions to help marketers capitalize on their data.

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Smarter Decisions, Faster

Simplifying data aggregation through a business intelligence platform that acts as a single source of truth for data across your tech stack.

  • Single source of truth
  • Tech-agnostic
  • Actionable insights
  • Custom reporting
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Get Out of "Excel Hell"

Change the narrative with a budgeting & forecasting application that does the heavy lifting so your team can collaborate.

  • Easy rents and expenses
  • Unit-level granularity
  • Structured database
  • Reforecasting
REBA_Web Graphic Icons_102023_R1_10_Rent_Transparent Pricing

Optimize Pricing Strategies

25 years of pricing & revenue management lessons rolled into a new platform purpose-built to support the intricate demands of multifamily.

  • Alert-driven workflows
  • Transparent pricing
  • Amenity optimization
  • Built for special cases

"We use REBA and I’m loving it!"

Diane Lechmanik
Marketing - East Region

"A big piece we are missing is a tool that combines our important data. The REBA dashboards I lived in were essential to me in my day-to-day & future strategy."

Prior REBA Client
Director of Marketing

"The ability to have instantaneous access to all of the data points we want allows us to hone in on our maintenance KPIs. Previously we offered static & canned reports – with REBA we are able to pull the data over and get really specific key metrics."

Matt Diehl
Sr. VP, Maintenance & Engineering

Multifamily Resources Marketing Resources

Build an analytically-driven culture.

Our team of multifamily experts takes great pride in offering resources to the industry to help unlock the power of data insights, leverage budgets as a year-round tool and modernize  your pricing strategies.

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