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Optimize Pricing Strategies

Years of pricing & revenue management lessons rolled into a new platform.

Contemporary Multifamily Pricing 

REBA Rent is a solution built to support intricate industry demands.

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Modernize Your Pricing Strategy

Deep dive into REBA Rent, a pricing & revenue management platform built to
help you handle twice as many communities.

REBA KNOWS Time For Better Revenue Management

Improved workflows for better rents

We created a modern approach to pricing revenue management, leveraging advanced analytics and strategic insights. The system is purpose-built to support the intricate demands of the multifamily sector that leads not only to a more efficient and more effective PRM strategy, but also one that more naturally and intuitively builds trust with operators and asset managers.


REBA Reshapes Pricing

Ian Andrews, VP of Innovation, Avanti Residential

"This innovative PRM system has the ability to reshape how we approach our strategic pricing strategies thanks to its unparalleled support for industry-specific challenges. Moreover, the integration of REBA Rent with their analytics platform will allow us to make informed, data-driven decisions."

Ian Andrews Avanti Residential

Lessons From 20 Years of Multifamily PRM

Learn the challenges of legacy PRM systems, what modern solutions look like & how to evaluate a new platform.

REBA Unveils PRM Solution - REBA Rent

This contemporary pricing and revenue management system marks a significant leap forward for the multifamily industry.

20 Questions to Ask Your PRM Solution

Be sure to ask these 20 questions when evaluating a new multifamily revenue management software. 

Ready to reshape your pricing strategies?

Empower your pricing & revenue managers while building trust with REBA Rent.