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Business Insights at the
Speed of Curiosity

On a mission to change the way the rental housing industry uses data.

With REBA, you can now spend more time making data-driven decisions based on predictive analytics, historicals, and trends; and less time gathering data, or worse, basing decisions on a hunch.

Business Intelligence

A business intelligence platform that consolidates data from multiple systems into one single source of truth to make smarter decisions, faster.

Budgeting & Forecasting

A budgeting & forecasting application that cuts time spent on budgeting in half while improving
the accuracy of the models.

Revenue Management

A modern revenue management solution that offers improved workflows and better rents for revenue managers. 


Insights from our Clients

"REBA BI allows our stakeholders to dive into our data. We have a single source of truth pulling together streams of data from disparate systems. Regardless of department, we all tap into the same data."
Annie Laurie McCulloh


Brookfield Properties Group
Annie Laurie McCulloh,
SVP Portfolio Management

"REBA BI has made analyzing data easy for our analysts. Within days of deployment, our teams were producing ad-hoc analyses in minutes. Previously, these would take days to assemble."
Daniel Raphael


Daniel Raphael,
VP Data Science

"REBA Budget allowed for the fastest & most efficient budget season that I've seen in my multifamily career. Ease of data entry & reports that update instantly make REBA a step above any other budgeting software."
Jeff England


Jeff England,
Regional Director