9/22/23 6:30 AM | Company News The People Behind the Performance - Interview with Leslie Hyman

In this interview series, our CEO Donald Davidoff sits down with key industry leaders and disruptors to tell the stories of the people behind the performance. Today, we’re joined by Leslie Hyman, CEO and Co-Founder of Circa, a multifamily purpose rooted in enhancing the lives of residents across the nation by revolutionizing bill payments, particularly rent. They have recognized the critical importance of rent payments in households and have created a payment system that prioritizes flexibility and mutual respect. In pursuit of its mission, Circa is dedicated to building stronger communities through payment innovation. They are committed to offering innovative solutions that empower residents to manage their financial responsibilities with greater ease and convenience, fostering thriving communities. 

Join us for a chat with Leslie Hyman, CEO and Co-Founder of Circa delves deep into the world of Circa, a groundbreaking payment platform tailored for the multifamily sector. Leslie unveils Circa's pivotal role in revolutionizing rent collection, offering an intuitive app that empowers residents with flexible payment options. With a strategic focus on financial inclusion and data-driven innovation, Circa is bridging the gap between residents and property owners, propelling them toward greater financial freedom. 

Yet, the journey is not without its challenges. Leslie sheds light on the multifamily industry's apprehension toward technological advancements and the daunting specter of high manager turnover rates. She underscores the significance of centralization, a game-changing force in an industry ripe for transformation. Furthermore, Leslie stresses the importance of attentively listening to on-site managers, a wellspring of invaluable insights in this dynamic landscape. Join us for a riveting exploration of Circa's mission to reshape the future of multifamily living. 


About Leslie
Leslie has been a customer advocate throughout her career. As a founder of a $250M life insurance business within AIG, Leslie ran the operations team and developed an infrastructure to support customer acquisition, communications, and billing. At MetLife, Leslie was best known for introducing life insurance to the middle market customer by packaging insurance in a box in partnership with Walmart. And, at Swiss Re, Leslie was one of the founding members of a high-growth business revolutionizing the underwriting process offering consumers a better life insurance sales experience. Leslie has a BA from Williams College and an MBA from Columbia University.