8/29/23 11:16 AM | Company News The People Behind the Performance - Interview with Jacob Carter

In this interview series, our CEO Donald Davidoff sits down with key industry leaders and disruptors to tell the stories of the people behind the performance. Today, we’re joined by Jacob Carter, CEO and Founder of Nurture Boss, a multifamily tech company that specializes in automated prospect follow-up & resident communication. Their services aim to streamline and enhance the processes of engaging with potential prospects and communicating with existing residents. For property management teams in multifamily housing, Nurture Boss provides tools that automate various tasks, reducing the workload of on-site teams. By utilizing automation, the company helps to improve both the prospect and resident experience.

Join us for a chat with Jacob Carter, CEO of Nurture Boss, discussing automating prospect and resident communication in property management. Learn from Jacob's renting experience driving him to enhance communication. Explore tech's role in decision-making and customer satisfaction. Discover the synergy of marketing and operations, iterative data-driven choices, lead engagement, and resident retention strategies. Unveil Jacob's vision: a shift from property management to customer-centric CRM for data-driven strategies and customer relationships.

About Jacob Carter

Jacob Carter serves as the forward-thinking Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Nurture Boss, a groundbreaking company that reimagines property management through ingenious CRM integration with Lease and Renewal Conversion Automation.

With over a decade of unwavering commitment to the technology sector, Jacob embarked on his professional odyssey in 2012 as a Lead Web Developer at IEK Solutions Inc. Progressing swiftly, he transitioned to Crexendo Business Solutions in 2013, contributing his expertise as a Front-End Developer. In 2014, he assumed a pivotal role at Integrate Inc. as a Software Engineer, demonstrating his skills and steadily ascending the ranks to become a respected Software Development Manager and later, the esteemed Director of Software Engineering. His career trajectory continued its upward trajectory in 2018 when he joined Keap, flourishing as the Manager of Software Engineering. Building on these accomplishments, he joined Integrate in 2019 as a Group Product Manager and Technical Product Manager, playing a crucial part in driving technological advancement.

Jacob's exceptional leadership and profound expertise in the technology realm, spanning more than a decade, exemplify his dedication to innovation and excellence. His role as the visionary CEO and Founder of Nurture Boss underscores his commitment to revolutionizing property management practices, ushering in a new era of efficiency and automation.