2/24/22 10:00 PM | Company News Insights From REBA's Own - Reed Doris

Meet Reed.

As one of REBA’s Business Intelligence Implementation Managers, he’s the quarterback in charge of managing clients through their implementation roadmap. But don’t be fooled by his title, Reed doesn’t just project manage, he also codes and creates custom dashboards. Reed loves helping clients execute their vision and tell stories through data. He’s a firm believer that business intelligence makes anything possible and that REBA’s data cube is the smartest one he’s seen.  

Reed hasn’t wasted any time - he started in the rental housing industry the Monday after his graduation from Chapman University. His first gig was in financial reporting & revenue management for multifamily leader, The Irvine Company, where he built some 140+ dashboards and reports. Who’s counting, you ask? The data guy, of course. Reed then went on to work in single-family housing at Tricon Residential, before hopping on the REBA train. 

“If I could start my own company today, this would be the company I would start.
Joining REBA was a natural progression to do more of what I want to do.”  - Reed Doris

But outside of the 9-5 life, who is Reed really? Just an eggs Benedict (w/ bacon & avocado)-loving, #BigRanchGuy, running pool tables in Newport Beach, CA with his trusty pup, Fitz. 

Get to know Reed better below and fingers crossed, you’ll get the elusive (yet highly coveted) Moon family retreat invite. 

1. Describe yourself in 3 words.  
  • Perfectionist 
  • Meticulous – especially when coding, you’ve got to get the indentations just right 
  • Detailed  

 2. What’s your current TV obsession? 

I’m currently watching The Ozarks new season. There’s also a new Star Wars original that gets released weekly on Disney+ I like to watch. I could also binge-watch anything Marvel & Game of Thrones. I’m a big Marvel fan – I've gone through every movie & show in sequential order. Game of Thrones I had to go back and watch every episode before watching a new season. 

3. Do you have a favorite app? 

AmazonI buy so much stuff from there. It’s so easy. The one/2-day shipping is fantastic. I can’t tell you how much I’ve bought from the recommendation algorithm. I use Amazon Fresh for grocery delivery because I can be more tactical about what I really need. It's a much easier way for me to shop. DoorDash is also a great app but I was doing that way too much. My dad was such an amazing cook growing up, so I was spoiled with food. My New Year’s resolution is to start to cook more food. 

4. What's the best way to take a break or relax? 

I like to get all my work done and then rest. I power through the day and then unwind at the end of the night. I like to watch some Netflix or take Fitz on a walk. It helps me relax, get some fresh air, and get some exercise. 

5. You are stuck on an island, you can pick one food to eat forever, what would you eat? 

Italian food for sure I love pizza & pasta and could eat that every day.  I’m pretty basic and like a Pepperoni pizza or a really good margarita but it’s harder to find those unless you’re in Rome, where I studied abroad. 

6. Name a skill you’re working on mastering. 

Coding. I’m pretty proficient with SQL and I know some VBA, but would love to get into the true programming languages.  I’m self-taught from learning on the job, filling gaps, and spending time online researching. Also working on mastering Project Management skills and learning the best ways to run our implementation meetings to keep everyone on task to meet deadlines. 

7. What's your go-to for having a good laugh? 

The Office – it's so good but it’s so bad. 

8. Share a quote or affirmation to live by. 

We have a Moon family quote I grew up hearing – “Be a source of pride to yourself and your family.” It’s something I try to live by. More recently a good one is “The steps you take don’t have to be big they just have to be in the right direction.” It helps me, as a bit of a perfectionist, to know I don’t have to get everything done, the right way, all right now. 

9. What’s your favorite time of day? 

I’m definitely a night owl. I just think better at night, so after sunset is my favorite time.  

10. What is one thing no one knows about you? 

I love playing pool. I could do that all day every day and will have a pool table eventually. We had a table in college in the garage and I’d play 5-10 games a day. I’m pretty good at some off-the-wall shots. It’s a fun strategy and skill game. I have my late grandfather’s pool cue that was passed down to me; I just love the game. 

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 *Questions inspired by Vogue’s 73 Questions Video Series.