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Business intelligence platform as a service

Make Data-Driven Decisions

REBA gives you immediate access to the best data model in the rental housing industry and empowers teams with BI insights that matter most to your business without wasting time gathering data from various systems.

Actionable Data

Separate data collection from data analysis so you can spend your time comparing historicals and looking for trends.

Make smarter decisions, faster.

Single Source
of Truth

Consolidate data from multiple systems and store it at the lowest possible level of granularity. 

Gain full control of your operations, financial, sales/marketing, and guest data via a flexible platform.

Customizable Dashboards

Enable both business users and power users to visualize data through
out-of-the-box dashboards or to
create their own in a way that
works for the business.

What Good Rental Housing BI Looks Like

Why does the rental housing industry struggle to get a good business intelligence solution? Find out more & learn what good rental housing BI looks like when you pre-register to download our white paper.

Additional Features

  • Data modeling

    We model every metric at its most granular level & create a history of key metrics and attributes.

  • Flexible user interface

    Create custom dashboards to visualize data
    however you need when you need it.

  • Extensible back end

    Have the flexibility to extend the data warehouse whenever, and however, you want.

  • Power-user access

    Give your power-users direct access to the entire data warehouse for ad hoc analyses.

  • Manage data not in SOR

    Give "data stewards" the ability to enter & maintain important data that is not in a system of record.

  • 24 x 7 x 52 Cloud access

    Allows for sophisticated data modeling & instantaneous "anywhere, anytime" acess.

The problem with business intelligence in the rental housing industry

Until now, your choices have been limited:

  • Cobbling together a variety of Excel spreadsheets and reports (unaffectionately referred to as "spreadmarts") results in spending 90% of the time gathering and collating data and only 10% of the time actually analyzing it. Excel is not an enterprise solution and frequently results in hidden errors propagating and operational frustration with how hard it is to get answers to otherwise seemingly simple questions
  • Building a bespoke BI platform typically costs at least $2-3 million and takes 2+ years. You take on all the risk, and you own the technical debt
  • Buying an "off the shelf" solution doesn't really provide a "single source of truth" as you are typically limited to the data sources that solution connects with. These solutions provide limited (or no) flexibility to build dashboards and reports the way you need them