Business Intelligence in Multifamily Housing

The multifamily industry has followed other industries in adopting business intelligence (BI) over the last decade or so. However, the problem remains that while most multifamily operators want to be more data-driven in both their decision process and execution, most lack the knowledge to make this fundamental transition in capability and culture.

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Creating an analytically-driven leadership culture.

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Be more data-driven in your decision process & less "gut feel".

Key Business Intelligence Functions

In practice, business intelligence is made up of four key functions, each more complex & driving more business value than the function before it.

The BI Journey

Every company that ends up with a robust BI platform goes through a very predictable 3-stage evolution.

The Right Way to Lead a BI Project

Very few people talk about the more successful approach to leading a BI project, which is a top-down analysis of need led by the business.