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REBA Budget

A budgeting and forecasting application

A better way to budget

REBA is a web-based real estate budgeting software solution that sits on top of a database to help teams create accurate and reliable multifamily budgets at any desired level of granularity without the hassle of multiple spreadsheets and versions.


Our sophisticated rent engine uses meaningful drivers and historicals to create accurate business forecasts.

Seamless Data

Smart & flexible data input methods combined with unit level calculations drive a more reliable output.


No more spreadsheets or arbitrary user entries. Teams gain time and visibility through a streamlined process.

A better way to budget.

REBA Budget makes spreadsheets optional. Our real estate budgeting & forecasting application cuts user time spent on budgeting in half while improving the accuracy of their models.

The problem with property management budgeting software in the multifamily industry

Until now, your choices have been limited:

  • Limited Flexibility: Many property management budgeting software solutions lack the flexibility to accommodate the diverse needs and unique budgeting requirements of different properties, hampering property managers' ability to customize budgets effectively.
  • Complex Interface: Some budgeting software platforms have complex and unintuitive user interfaces, making it challenging for property managers to navigate and efficiently use the software leading to errors and inefficiencies in the budgeting process.
  • Lack of Integration: Budgeting software often operates as standalone systems, lacking seamless integration with other property management tools and systems. This lack of integration creates data silos, increases manual work, and inhibits efficient collaboration between different departments involved in the budgeting process.
  • Inadequate Reporting and Analysis: Some property management budgeting software solutions offer limited reporting and analysis capabilities, making it difficult for property managers to gain comprehensive insights into budget performance and make data-driven decisions, hindering effective budget tracking and forecasting.
  • Time-Consuming Data Entry: Many budgeting software platforms require extensive manual data entry, which is time-consuming and prone to human errors, reducing productivity.
  • Limited Scalability: Certain property management budgeting software solutions are designed for smaller portfolios and may struggle to handle the complexities and scale of larger multifamily rental companies restricting the ability to efficiently manage budgets for extensive property portfolios.