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About REBA

REBA Icons-07  Our Mission

To change the way the rental housing industry uses data.

REBA Icons-06Our Purpose

REBA helps multifamily leaders ask insightful questions about their business by giving them access to all their data in one central location.​ We do this by offering a suite of solutions that gather data & deliver insights so you can unlock your aha moments and make better decisions, faster.​ With REBA, you can eliminate Excel hell, bad data, excess cost, and analysis paralysis with tools built by multifamily for multifamily.​

REBA Icons-05    Our Core Values

We are innovative

We find solutions others don’t, pushing the industry forward and unlocking creativity.

We are centered on our customers

We create solutions to fit customers’ needs rather than forcing them to change to fit ours.

We have empathy for all we interact with

We seek to understand others so that we can stand alongside them and be true partners

We are confident, yet humble

We are proud of our experience and expertise and equally enjoy learning something new from our colleagues and customers.

We are honest and authentic

We may not always be right, but we act with conviction and are willing to change course.

We are persistent

We are doggedly determined when others are unable or unwilling …unlocking massive value

We have fun!

We have great camaraderie and genuinely care about each other.