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Modern Revenue Management Solutions

Improved Workflows. Better Rents.

The real estate industry has been forced to use multifamily revenue management software that are still using the same basic design & technology from 20+ years ago. What served us then, no longer serves us now.  Legacy systems do not support multifamily's current real-world business scenarios & offer limited service and support.

REBA Rent was developed by the leading multifamily pricing & revenue management minds to offer a modern solution to
modern revenue managers with a focus on total cost of ownership & built to support unique industry needs
such as concessions & rent control.

Alert-Driven Workflow

Stop wasting time rooting around for where you need to make changes. Invest all of your time where your pricing & revenue management insights are needed most.

Built by Leading PRM Experts

Our team is leveraging 25 years of multifamily pricing & revenue management experience to bring you true next-generation pricing. Work with industry experts who have seen it all.


Leave Problems In The Past

  • Opaque Pricing Models: Lack of transparency hampers property managers' ability to understand how prices are determined and adjust pricing strategies effectively
  • Rent Control: Lack of comprehensive rent control modules that allow property managers to accommodate user-defined rules based on rent or process-related restrictions can result in compliance issues and suboptimal revenue generation
  • Limited Reporting & Configurations: Lack of reporting & configuration flexibility makes it challenging for property managers to access in-depth insights and tailor strategies based on specific needs
  • Clunky Concession Management: Property managers struggle with complex and time-consuming processes when creating, managing, & applying concessions, leading to errors, delays, and inconsistencies

  • High Total Cost of Ownership: Revenue managers spend a lot of time looking for recommendations that need to be adjusted which limits the number of communities that they can manage thus increasing the manpower cost for using the system.

Are You Maximizing Your Pricing & Revenue Management Strategy?

How confident are you in your overall PRM strategy? Take our free assessment and see how you score. Our team of multifamily experts is here to help you optimize your team's efficiency and PRM capacity.

Full-Feature Pricing & Revenue Management

  • Comprehensive Rent Model

    Provides clear understanding of demand history, present and likely future

  • Intelligent Alerts Dashboard

    Reduce your total cost of ownership through more efficient workflows

  • Flexible User Interface

    Gain better insights with flexible reporting and configuration at any level of your property hierarchy

  • Easy Collaboration with Operations

    Intuitive reports and dashboards make it easy for operators to understand

  • Implement Your Strategy

    Configure the system to accommodate diverse business strategies with ease

  • No More Black Box

    Enjoy transparent pricing solutions without data aggregation concerns

  • Streamlined Concession 

    Simplify concession management and access historical data for improved decision-making

  • Rent Control Module

    Empowers property managers to customize and tailor their pricing strategies based on user-defined rules